How To Get Your Favorite Movie


Hello thank you so much for visiting this page.

Here i am going to tell you some tricks about this website.

Now let me tell you that there are more than 60,000 movies and other things are uploaded on this website.And i am sure there are not more than 2000 movies or other things are not working and all other are working here.

How to search a movie or other things here?

Please write the correct Spellings of a movie or tv show otherwise you did not get the correct result e.g you can search on google the correct name and than you need to copy that correct name and just paste her in search bar and i am sure you will get the correct results.

Some Search Tricks:

So if you want to download the movie of Shahrukh Khan Or Tom Cruise or Jackie chan Or any other Actor so you just need to write his/her name in search bar but please write there spellings correctly or search on google and than write here in search bar.The main reason of writing this is Because i see in my logs that approximately 80% of peoples here write wrong spellings so that’s why they didnot get there related movies or other things that the want.

How Search Works?

Now a days when you visit any website of downloading or any other blog as well as facebook so approximately all of them have same search program.So When you write something in search bar so that goes in our website database and than return all post’s that contains that word or phrase e.g if you searchaction so it shows you all the pages that have the wordactionor if you search Comedy  or a movie name likebatmanso it check in website database and return the result to you with recently added movies (in ascending order )

Now i am sure you know how search works here.Thanks for reading this all.


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